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It's Not Rocket Science

Atomic Ice believe making excellent profit margins shouldn’t be rocket science. That’s why we keep things simple. Our slush machine ownership options allow you to buy, lease or take advantage of our unique ‘Free-to-Own’ concept. All of our syrups fall below sugar tax levels enabling you to make up-to 88% profit per cup. Why not let our irresistible flavours and exceptional Electrolux Professional machines drive your post Covid recovery?

Fantastic Bundle

Buy or lease top-spec’ Electrolux Professional equipment; delivered & installed + a £2k free stock bundle!

Our ‘Genius’

Find out about our unique ‘Free-to-Own’ plan: A brand new slush machine with no capital outlay!

Fab flavours to experiment with

Reduced sugar, all natural flavours and NO harmful Azo colours. Vegan friendly and gluten-free.

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The Genius Behind Atomic ICE

With over 50 years of combined experience in the frozen beverage beverage industry, Atomic Ice aims to provide you with the best frozen-drink syrups, class-leading slush machines and exceptional service/support solutions.

Everything we do has our stakeholders at heart, including our firm focus on the environment; green solutions include refillable containers and recyclable products.

We believe in high product standards; all of our syrups are BRC accredited and manufactured in the UK. They are gluten-free with natural flavours, free from nasty Azo colours and suitable for a vegan diet.

Our fantastic Electrolux Professional machines are suitable for any environment, making them the perfect solution for Convenience Stores, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Cafes and just about any other setting that wishes to create exceptional incremental profits. They are engineered to ‘ST’ spec’ (Sub-Tropical), so they’ll keep working efficiently in the hottest of weather.

Want To Know More

Ready to kickstart your businesses Covid recovery? Have some questions to ask about our service support solutions? Looking to take the first steps towards mega profits? Or would simply like to talk over your various machine purchase options in greater detail? Then we would love to hear from you.

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