The “Genius” Offering

Think you can't afford a slush machine? Think again!

Get a brand new machine and make mega profits from day one with our ‘Free-to-Own’ offer! 

If you’re looking for a new frozen-drinks offer for your business, you may well be considering a ‘free-on-loan’ contract. If you are… STOP!

Traditional free-on-loan contracts are outdated, unfair and expensive… just like the old days of renting a television!

Do you have a free-on-loan arrangement at the moment?

If so, have you ever asked yourself how many times you’ve paid for your old machine? Who’s getting the better deal, you or your supplier?

We have a GENIUS! solution for you: we call it ‘Free-to-Own’ and it’s not rocket science!

So what makes our offer so much better? It’s simple! We provide you with a brand-new machine and, a bit like a mobile phone contract, after a set period of time it’s yours to keep!

How Does IT Work?

Our ‘Free-to-Own’ plan gives you the flexibility of owning your machine with no capital outlay and fantastic profits from day one.

  • We supply a brand new Atomic Ice dispenser.
  • You purchase Atomic Ice syrups at the FTO rate (£75 per case)
  • Once you have purchased 50 x cases of Atomic Ice syrup you take ownership of the machine – it’s as simple as that.
  • Sign up now and we’ll get you up and running in as little as 10 days!
  • Basic requirements: Willing to undertake a credit check, 


  • Willing to undertake a credit check. 
  • Been in business for over 3 years’.
  • Enough footfall to sell 15 cups a day.

What Will I Get?

  • Brand new high-capacity Electrolux Professional equipment (RRP £1,600)
  • Delivery, installation and training
  • Planned maintenance schedule and full service support (RRP £960)
  • Telephone helpline
  • Exciting, fun branding with full point of sale support
  • Ongoing marketing to enhance sales

The Proof is in the profit

Here's How:

With our GENIUS ‘Free-to-Own’ plan, you can start to see profits of 76% per cup from day one!

  • You have a shiny new, fully branded twin bowl slush machine
  • Atomic Ice concentrates (6-1 dilution) are supplied at £75 per 2 x 5 litre case, 341ml cups at £49.64 per 1000.
  • Your cost per 341ml (medium) portion is 38p
  • Then sell those cups at RRP: £2.00

Total Minimum Profit On 50 Cases: £9,817!

And it gets even better...

After you’ve purchased 50 cases of Atomic Ice syrups at the cost of the ‘FTO’ price, you’ll own your machine outright and be offered discounted prices on all Atomic Ice syrups going forward, which means even better profit margins!

The Machine

BGF-2 Twin Bowl 24L Slush machine

The BGF-2 is a big capacity, high output machine. Manufactured by Electrolux Professional to ‘ST’ (Sub-Tropical) specification to ensure it keeps on performing even in extreme heat.

  • Fully branded and illuminated with attention-grabbing Atomic Ice livery.
    Dispenses perfect slushies every time
  • 2 x 12 litre bowls – the unique double-mixing system prevents ice accumulation, for optimum product consistency.
  • Easy to operate and clean with lockable lids.

The Tech Spec.

  • Brand: Electrolux
  • Colour: White or Black
  • Capacity: 24L
  • Dimensions: D40cm(w) x 56cm(d) x 83cm(h)
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Power: 1050w
FD2 Bundle Slush Machine


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